Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey Bitches, It's the Weekend

Well, I just wanted to stop in and say happy friday to all of you blogging bastards out there. Here's another great song/music video for your enjoyment. Also, sorry this is slowly becoming a music blog. It won't stay entirely music, but I do like music a lot so you're gonna have to deal with it for the time being.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeling the Music Today

Well, here I am with some musical news, both good and bad, for everyone. First of all, I fucking love Death From Above 1979 and guess what? They're getting back together, and all is well with the universe once again. Check this shit out:

Secondly, I'm still stuck on that Glitch Mob kick so I figured I'd give y'all a round two. This song is called "We Swarm" and it's been on replay in my head the past 24 hours.

And on a third and final, more sad note I've heard that Damon Albarn has announced that The Gorillaz are now done making music. While I go deal with my Gorillaz induced depression on my own time I leave you with this:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And So It Begins...

This is a blog that I'm going to use for two reasons:
1. To post shit that I and other people can at least feign interest towards.
2. To quell my boredom

Things that I care about today:

-Finding a job (That's not very special though because it's got a perennial spot on this list.)
-The Cavs losing a 25th game thus breaking their own previous record. I think if they played Jamario Moon more they'd be less like the Washington Generals and more like the Globetrotters, but I digress.
- The Glitch Mob and how awesome they are.